Alpha Performance uniforms are the finest athletic uniforms available anywhere. Living up to our motto, “build up to a standard-not down to a price” is of vital concern to us.

Wash and Care Instructions are included on the label located in the side seam of each product.

General Uniform Care Instructions:

  • Uniform DO
    • DO – Use mild detergent (pH under 10).
    • DO – Launder soiled garments immediately according to care labels. If immediate laundering is not possible, hang soiled garments on plastic or wooden hangers so they are not piled damp.
    • DO – Wash garments having Stencote lettering inside out and allow to air dry, or tumble dry on low heat.
    • DO – Follow care labels provided in garments.
    • DO – Store garments in a cool, dry area protected from sunlight and fluorescent light to prevent mildew or yellowing.
  • Uniform DON’T
    • DON’T – Launder in water hotter than 30 degrees. These conditions can release dyes.
    • DON’T – Wash colors with whites.
    • DON’T – Bleach.
    • DON’T – Overload the washing machine.
    • DON’T – Pile or bag soiled or damp garments together. This can cause staining from the dyes and possibly cause permanent damage.
    • DON’T – Allow garments to remain in the washing machine after cycle has finished. This can allow colors to bleed.
    • DON’T – Dry garments on high heat setting. This can result in uncontrolled shrinking of the garment.
    • DON’T – Iron or press garments that have Stencote (silk screen) or heat set lettering