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Where Do You Ship? 2017-11-26T02:41:55+00:00

We currently ship from the UK and Finland, having to locations allows us to better serve our customers. We ship to Europe and also Globally our rates can be found below.

Shipping Rates (Euros)
Standard (3-5 Days)Express (1-2 Days)Orders over 75€
I want to cancel my order? 2017-11-23T18:17:43+00:00


The standard 14 day period does not apply to custom or bespoke goods in the EU, so cancellation or return of orders is not allowed under any circumstances once order has been confirmed. This does not affect your statutory rights.


If your want to return your item you have up to 14 days to do so for any reason please contact us for how. Please note items must be returned in original condition there will be a restocking fee.

Where do I find wash and care instructions? 2017-11-23T18:09:45+00:00

Alpha Performance uniforms are the finest athletic uniforms available anywhere. Living up to our motto, “build up to a standard-not down to a price” is of vital concern to us.

Wash and Care Instructions are included on the label located in the side seam of each product.

General Uniform Care Instructions:

  • Uniform DO
    • DO – Use mild detergent (pH under 10).
    • DO – Launder soiled garments immediately according to care labels. If immediate laundering is not possible, hang soiled garments on plastic or wooden hangers so they are not piled damp.
    • DO – Wash garments having Stencote lettering inside out and allow to air dry, or tumble dry on low heat.
    • DO – Follow care labels provided in garments.
    • DO – Store garments in a cool, dry area protected from sunlight and fluorescent light to prevent mildew or yellowing.
  • Uniform DON’T
    • DON’T – Launder in water hotter than 30 degrees. These conditions can release dyes.
    • DON’T – Wash colors with whites.
    • DON’T – Bleach.
    • DON’T – Overload the washing machine.
    • DON’T – Pile or bag soiled or damp garments together. This can cause staining from the dyes and possibly cause permanent damage.
    • DON’T – Allow garments to remain in the washing machine after cycle has finished. This can allow colors to bleed.
    • DON’T – Dry garments on high heat setting. This can result in uncontrolled shrinking of the garment.
    • DON’T – Iron or press garments that have Stencote (silk screen) or heat set lettering
Where can I find sizing information? 2017-11-23T18:06:25+00:00

Sizing charts are located on the sizing chart page here.

Can I put a custom logo on a product? 2017-11-27T21:38:47+00:00

Yes. Our Outfitsystem team can determine the best method for applying custom logos on different product types.

Yes. Custom logos can be applied to digitally printed product available through the Alpha Fuse System.

How Do I Track My Order? 2017-11-23T18:08:19+00:00


After placing your order we will be able to give an estimated delivery date after day 25 of the production process.


You can track your order from your my account page.


How do I return my product? 2017-11-23T18:01:37+00:00

Please contact us for any Outfitsystem/product returns.

How long will my order take? 2017-11-27T21:54:09+00:00

Our normal lead production time

Lead Times (Days)
Time of Year
DecemberJanuary - AprilMay - SeptOct - Nov
Normal 3530 - 3525 - 3020